Simple, affordable and on-premises business solutions

Eazitron was initially thought of for the construction and manufacturing industries, but can be used by any type of SME!


Simple and easy-to-use solutions, so you can focus on your activities


Affordable: starting from 179€, you buy the solutions, not rent them


Installed on your computers, your data are not stored in the cloud, but on your local servers

Find the right solution to fulfil your needs


Produce invoices, quotes and more with InvoQote. Inventories are automatically updated.


Manage inventories, get notified of low inventories and replenish in a timely manner with eStokrr.


Simply manage projects, events, tasks and resources together with Actlas.


With Hresky, keep track of your most valuable asset, your staff. Managing your HR has never been easier.


Develop and analyse your cashflows with EaziFin. Simply enter your cashflows & visualise your statistics.


Keep track of all your staff address books, calendars & notes for better in-house collaboration with OvervU.


Khronoz is all about time. This tool allows you to keep track of time consumption on your projects.


With Actlas+, tracking projects assets - POs, deliverables, reports and contacts - is made easy.

Release notes

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Release 2.1

  • Budget calculation tools added in Khronoz

  • Audit system included in Hresky

  • Design improvements for all solutions

Our story

Got more questions? Visit our FAQ here.

Made in Luxembourg!

The Eazitron Suite is born out of an acknowledgment: small and medium enterprises, and especially building and manufacturing companies, shouldn't have to pay huge amounts for overcomplicated business management software.

That is why we created Eazitron, a family of eight software aiming at serving small and medium construction and manufacturing companies by fulfilling their management needs within various operations areas.

Eazitron - a portmanteau name combining "eazi" (easy) and the suffix "-tron" (for electronics) - aspires to be the simplest and the "easiest-to-use" business management software suite on the market, for managers looking for both reliable and affordable solutions for their business.

Operations & Publication Manager
Simplification enthusiast

Developer of the Eazitron Suite
Former IT Manager for the European Commission